Wednesday, March 21, 2007


DWORD? QWORD? bytes? join bytes? little endian? big endian? why endian? got medium or not? bit? hex to deci? deci to bin? waaahh.. windows calculator can do more than simple calcultations aa? waaah.. so many inputs in one day.. and yet don't have the slightest clue on each.. aiyooo... am getting closer that sanity boundary. LalalalaLalalala.. Do I love programming? Of course I do! Programming is fun. Physics is fun too... NOT! hahaha. Yep yep.. my brain can still compute the human language... no worries laa.. I won;t reply "011100" to a "hello" :p .. have a math class tonite.... gonna talk math in human language.. no bits no bytes no dword.. no qword.. just numbers and ABCDEFGHIJ bla..bla..bla.. lalalalala